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Stupidness abounds

Worst. Apology. Ever. Juuchan.

It was basically "Hey, thanks for getting me banned. I really found a silver lining - that place was cramping my style! I have you to thank for getting me outta there."

Good. Fucking. Job.

Well, I have no respect for her any more, so go right ahead and read it here.

On the past few days/this last week...

Anyone in PD knows what basically happened, so I won't ramble on and on. It makes me want to step away from my keyboard for a long while, admittedly... I want to take a break from roleplaying in PD (unless I'm invited along for some CR or something). Namely because despite logic that should prove this sentiment otherwise, I feel that unease of... well.

I did something to try and have fun and get back into roleplaying in PD, and it resulted in an incident which exploded to levels of stupid I haven't witnessed since Middle School. My RP drive is shot.

And as I sit here and stare at my inbox slowly getting more and more filled, all I can think of is that pathetic excuse of an apology she gave. I didn't hate her. I still, ultimately, don't hate her. But I do completely and totally hate what she did to me, and the fact she was more sorry that she was caught than sorry about what she did to me. Sure, it wasn't NICE of me to tell her no, but I'm not going to make myself miserable tagging someone else. That's not how I roleplay, end of story. It wasn't something personal, either. I disliked the character, and honestly, had no ill will towards her at all. But she decided to make it personal with passive-aggressive jabs at me, and pathetic attempts to evoke sympathy. ("I may as well kill myself"? Didn't even consider the fact that I've had a history of suicidal encounters, through myself or others. That hurt and offended me on a level she should have never touched.)

I will not block her from my AIM. I will not automatically delete emails from her. I will leave this post open for her to see, should her curiosity lead her here (as that would be something I would have done when I was a bratty 13-year-old). And let her know that I am leaving the door unlocked, for her to knock on and deliver a sincere apology. I made a decision not to tag in a professional and very real-world, business-like manner. You threw a tantrum and said some of the most hideous things I've ever heard and hurt me in a way that I may never forgive. But I will not block you, J., because I do sincerely hope you mature and DO learn to think about what you say before you say it. When that day comes, I hope you come talk to me again. I had fun when you weren't being jealously passive-aggressive.

tl;dr: Shit went down in PD, it killed a majority of my RP drive, most of my activity will be in App games for a while.
To those who haven't seen it, I highly, highly recommend going to see the movie "The King's Speech". Basic premise: the King of England has a stutter (as in, the serious speech impediment, not the cutesy-awkward personality quirk and yes I have had to make that distinction) and in order to deliver speeches to his people, he hires someone who helps him overcome the stutter.

It is a very, very British movie. I went in knowing it would be much more British than Monty Python's Flying Circus, and hellova lot more British than anything on BBCA, or any other British programing I've had the delight of watching. It was still 40% more British than what I expected.

It's emotionally powerful, very intense, and it WILL get you emotionally involved. I've never been so overwhelmingly elated and shocked and proud (and a plethora of other weird and nameless emotions) at someone saying "Because I have a voice!"

I won't detail anything else, so as not to spoil it. But. Go watch it, seriously.

Jan. 19th, 2011

Opening art requests!

I have a few accounts to get the 100 icons back and there's a couple I'd like to earn and since I don't have a paypal I will instead sell my services.  Or do one small doodle for free if you just want something simple.

My most popular service is hand-drawing characters for roleplay journals, meaning a full set of 15 icons.  Plz to be hiring me? ;)

Current request list:

kon kon kon kon kon

HEY I know some of you wander on VDex. I am the president of the fox fan club known as the Fox's Gem. It's a tiny club, with less than active/talkative members, but they are great, heehee.

BUT that isn't the point. The point is that I've begun a contest! It's a simple one.

VDex has the Winter Eevee, GPX+ has the Winter Vulpix. You, the pokemon fan, should rise to the opportunity to create the Winter Zorua!

Vdex members have available prizes, but if you do not have a VDex account then instead I will draw something for you as per your request. And by something I mean anything, including NSFW material. So if you're interested, please go to the club and read the rules, and if you do not have a VDex account and want to submit, PM my livejournal account or email me!

Spread the word! I'd like this contest to lift off the ground. :>
Last time on Death Foxes!  We saw the end of Mt. Moon!!  And now we march forth, to Cerulean City and beyond!  This is a LONG one, guys.

I... was a little mad. Y I MAD? So lots of horrible things are said. Vulgar, hideous, horrible things.

F-ff let the horrible thing beginCollapse )


IN THE LAST EPISODE OF DEATH FOXES... Brock was defeated, the path towards the entrance of the mountain was traversed, several boys freaked at the fact I was wearing a skirt and not shorts, and I suspect my character sold her services.............

But now it's time for....

Death Foxes: DAY THREECollapse )


Nov. 14th, 2010

I don't know how much I'll keep this pace, but it's time for day TWO of the Death Fox run!  I did a lot today, compared to yesterday.  Prepare for a lot...

The Journey Continues!Collapse )


Vulpixes of DOOM - Day One

After much grief involving getting Visual Boy Advance to work, and cursing at how we Mac-users are scorned for Macs in little passive aggressive ways such as making the input of cheat codes impossible without first gazing upon the Old Ones and submitting thyself to insanity. (Or I could be very very frustrated and channeling my anger into the production staff whom may or may not have actually been spiteful).

And because of the irritating problem with the cheat codes, I simply asked Kyo to get the six vulpixes captured. I used the random number generator to pick who got to be vulpixes, to be fair. And made Kyo my douche rival, of course.

Since Kyo had to start, much was not documented! That includes Professor Oak being... laughable, Kyo being a prick, getting rid of starter bulbasaur after royally beating the snot out of Kyo's charmander, and of course, the capture of the six vulpixes.

BUT! The story will continue from there! How long will our intrepid hero last, in a world where the first two gyms are rock and water...?



Nov. 4th, 2010

I've cleaned out my friends of people I don't speak to/deleted journals/usernames I don't recognize. The following people have been removed:

nowaphoenixdown Derp sorry Cam
phyrexians I AM AN IDIOT damn name changes

I also have the following people who have friend added me, but I'm not certain who they are and I won't friend back until I find out:


If you want me to add you [back], then just drop me a line here!